I started AnderKamp Music in 1998 with the idea of creating arrangements for churches and individuals to use. We play a lot of my arrangements at our church (The People’s Church-Franklin, TN). I often tell people that it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal when we play my arrangements at our church. I’m the guy in charge and I decide if we do a brass opener, or an offertory or a string special. I count the song off and they ‘kind of’ have to play it.  🙂

BUT…it is always humbling when others use my arrangements and I get the opportunity to hear them. The TRUTH 40 tour that is happening right is a perfect example. They asked me to write all the horn arrangements for the tour and I went down to Sherwood Baptist in Albany, GA to hear the first concert/DVD taping. It was incredibly humbling to hear them playing my arrangements quite simply because I’m not making them play them. They chose to. It truly is a great honor.

This last week, I had another one of those experiences. Ben Roundtree from McLean Bible Church in the Washington D.C. area sent me videos of their string ensemble performing two of my arrangements from our Strings & Things – Volume 1. They did a great job playing the arrangements! Like I said, it’s incredibly humbling when someone else chooses to purchase my arrangements, play them, video them AND put the videos up on YouTube. Ridiculously humbling…and really cool to me too. 🙂

I can try and describe my arrangements with words as much as possible (and I’m a wordy guy), but I would much rather let Ben and the strings from McLean Bible Church show you what the arrangements sound like. Thanks guys! Truly great job!

For more information on Strings & Things – Volume 1, click here