Composing and arranging/orchestrating music is incredibly rewarding. Without a doubt. But there are projects that come along that you realize will have the potential to have a lasting impact way after you are gone.

Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music is one of those such projects.

I got a call from Steve Gilreath one day. I had met Steve at a neighbor’s house when they were editing a children’s video. Sometime after that, Steve called and asked if I would help out with music for a video series he was producing called, ‘Bibleman’. I ended up scoring 4 Bibleman DVDs for him. And it was (and still is) a great relationship. I feel like we see the need for music and the placement of it very similarly.

Well, Steve told me he was helping produce this new children’s educational series that creates what they call, ‘seriously fun learning.’ Quaver is the brain child of co-creators Graham Hepburn and David Mastran. And let me just say, ‘seriously fun’ is the perfect description of the entire process and the core of what they are doing. They have created an educational series that is unequaled in its creativity and content.

I had the privilege of scoring 30 DVD/teaching collections for the Quaver team and I couldn’t be happier with what the end result is. Kids today, become more well rounded individuals and musicians later in life because of the ‘serious fun learning’ the team has created. I am really honored to be able to add my voice to this great curriculum.

Here’s one fun cue from the series. In the series, there are talking busts of Beethoven, Vivaldi and Debussy. At one point, the talking Debussy bust is talking about rhythms, lying on the beach with a Bob Marley dreadlocks wig on. What comes to mind, of course, in my ‘slightly’ odd mind is, ‘how about a reggae version of Clair de Lune?’

It really worked perfectly as he lay there on the beach. 🙂