I’ve said it before, but I am a visual person. It is easier for me to see something and understand it than it is to read about it and understand it. I think most people are. Except, apparently, for the people who write instructions for children’s toys at Christmas.

The folks down at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio have been a great supporter of our Horns & Rhythm series and recently shared a video on their YouTube channel of our arrangement of Amazing Grace. The players did a GREAT job and so did the video crew. Top Notch all around.

If you are interested in our Horns & Rhythm – Retro Hymns series, take a look and listen to Amazing Grace by the Cornerstone Orchestra.


I hope you enjoy the recording. They really did a great job!

If you purchase the COMPLETE SET of the Retro Hymns collection before October 1st, 2012, we will give you permission to make up to 20 copies of the recordings for FREE! At $6.99 per recording, that’s a savings of over $135.

You can purchase the complete set of the Retro Hymns project by clicking here.