I recently had the best cup of coffee in my life. Where was it? Was it the Kopi Luwak coffee?

It was at Burger King.

The week after Easter our family went down to Pensacola, FL (hometown) for Spring Break to stay with my folks and let them get their ‘grandkids fix.’ While we were there, Dad and I had opportunities to go out to breakfast a couple times. Dad, as he described, survived two of the widow makers. He’s had triple bypass surgery and colon cancer. He’s told me that God has made it clear that He has more planned for him, so Dad is just enjoying life to its fullest.

Near the end of the trip, we went to Burger King for breakfast. Both of us normally eat Cheerios or oatmeal and such, but while I’m down there, we usually go out for breakfast and eat what we normally wouldn’t eat. We sat and talked for about an hour and a half. Just hanging out. Laughing. Sharing stories. We talked some about him growing up on the farm in Minnesota. We talked about how he retired from US Customs and then worked for the Sheriff’s Department. He then retired from that. He’s now had 2 or 3 different job opportunities with one of them paying 1.5 times what he retired from US Customs making. It seems every time he tries to retire, he is offered another job(I am now going to try and retire and see if that works for me). BUT, I’ve realized a lot of that has to do with the kind of man he is. He is honorable. He is honest. His word is true. He does what he says he will do (and more). He is dependable. He is unbending. And you should see the way he plays with my kids. So much joy. So much fun. So much happiness. And plenty of goofiness too. That’s one of the strong traits I aquired from him and I am grateful for it.

I remember growing up and having those moments talking with Dad. I remember a couple of times coming into their bedroom late at night when I wasn’t sure what to do about something (usually a girl). I specifically remember a moment in college where I was working at a church and I was absolutely miserable there. It was really a horrible situation for me. Dad could tell in my voice that I was at that point. “We’re getting in the car. We’ll be there as soon as possible.” We still talk about that moment. It was a defining moment for me. With the wisdom of my folks, I resigned from the church and within a week I was hired by a bigger church to do the same thing (for better pay) and with an amazingly Godly staff that helped me develop as a man of God.

The cup of coffee at Burger King was another one of those moments. As I get older, I find myself enjoying those moments as often as possible. I know that many people are not blessed with two parents, still married to each other, and both amazing people. I get that. As to why God has blessed us so greatly, I do not know. But I am grateful.

There is no question that the man I am today has been greatly defined by my Father. It is evident in His life that our Heavenly Father lives through my Dad in a strong and mighty way. I say this once in awhile, but it is so true:If my son thinks of me the way I think of my father, I will have succeeded in a huge and mighty way.

Situations are all different. Maybe it’s your mother. Maybe it’s your father. Maybe it’s your wife/husband. Maybe it’s your children. Maybe it’s a dear friend.

So what about you? Have you had your ‘best cup of coffee’ this year? Go and look for it. You may find it at Burger King. Mine was amazing!