I’m working on a series of video promos for each of the song titles in the Horns & Rhythm-Worship Volume 1 series right now. As an introduction to the series, I created this video that briefly overviews the series. For all you visual people (like me), maybe this is an easier way to explain the series.

As a side note, I let my wife Dana see this first video promo and she says, “Why did you use that voice?”

“Because it’s cool.”

Chirp. Chirp. (crickets chirping)

“Don’t ever use it again.”

So…expect a different voice on future videos.

A perfect opportunity to talk about theCRICKETtoy┬«. Anytime there is an awkward pause in a conversation, push the button on theCRICKETtoy┬« and you will hear “Chirp. Chirp.” (crickets chirping). A fun little invention of mine. You’ll LOVE it in rehearsals!