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Sitting In or “Post Graduate Studies”

VISUAL I've said this for years. When I am trying to learn something, I immediately go to YouTube to see if someone has made a video of how to do it (and someone usually has). I can try and read a manual, but if there aren't pretty pictures (diagrams), it's like pulling teeth to me. [...]

Sitting In – with Bruce Broughton

Back in high school (mid/late 80s), our assistant band director wrote an arrangement of Bruce Broughton's iconic score to 'Silverado' for the marching band. It was one of 'those' moments for me...a shaping moment. I loved the music and how it worked with the film. That was a pivotal moment for me in my love [...]

Jeff D. Anderson scores Four Blood Moons movie

It has been incredibly busy around AK Studios the last couple of months. Jeff has just completed the score for the feature film, 'Four Blood Moons' based on the New York Times best seller by Pastor John Hagee.           Here is Jeff with Kieth Merrill and Rick Eldridge Jeff composed all [...]

Christmas in Black and White created by Jeff Slaughter

I wrote a horn arrangement for one of Jeff Slaughter's songs from a VBS collection he did with Brentwood-Benson Publishing. The next Christmas, he had this idea for a children's Christmas musical based around a penguin polar pet park. My friend, Jonathan Crumpton, VP of Brentwood-Benson, called and said, "We're doing this new musical with [...]

Four Blood Moons in theaters March 23rd, 2015

I have just finished up composing the score to a brand new feature movie that releases in the theaters March 23rd, 2015 called 'Four Blood Moons'. Based on the book by New York Times best-selling author, Pastor John Hagee, this movie was produced by Rick Eldridge (Bobby Jones:Stroke of Genius, The Ultimate Gift and The [...]

Some strings attached (but not after the song)

I began AnderKamp Music back in 1998 to help churches, schools and individuals find creative, great sounding arrangements that some of the other 'big' publishers weren't publishing. I have had the wonderful opportunity to partner with many different wonderfully gifted arrangers over the years as a result. Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to [...]

What a Friend We Have In Jesus (Nashville Praise Symphony)

Pastoral. Wide. Sweeping. Peaceful. The world is full of chaos. There are dark spots throughout it. But just as Elijah heard God's still small voice after all the storms and noise, we can still hear Christ's voice in the midst and after the storms. Matthew 11:28 says, "Come to me, all you who are weary [...]

Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends Scripture Memory Songs

In the comedy world, it doesn't get more iconic than Tim Conway and Don Knotts. The Apple Dumpling Gang. And Tim Conway's performances on The Carol Burnett Show never cease to make me laugh (and apparently Harvey Korman either). Max Lucado's Hermie & Friends series had the great privilege of having the voices of Tim [...]

I like trumpet (and turtles)

I like trumpet. I really do. I love playing trumpet. I really enjoy hearing the Nashville Symphony (with Jeff Bailey cranking away). I love hearing Steve Patrick sittin' on top of a big band doing a Maynard tribute (like he did at the Franklin Jazz Festival the year Maynard died). I love Tim Morrison's solo [...]

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