(I know, I know-they never ‘officially’ left. BUT they are showing more of a comeback with many different style groups incorporating horn sections and thusly appear to be back. Yes…we never technically left…But…well, you get the idea.)

To celebrate this resurgence of horn sections (Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Prince have some great horn sections), we are offering a special offer on our entire horn section series of arrangements.


A Whole Lot of Horns – Special Offer!

from our popular Horns & Rhythm Series, you can get:

Retro Hymns – 11 hymns in a ‘retro 60s & 70s’ style ($450)

Retro Worship – 10 popular worship songs in a ‘retro 80s style’ ($350)

Worship – 13 popular worship songs with a more modern worship sound WITH horns ($400)

Christmas – 4 congregational arrangements plus 1 instrumental Christmas arrangement to featuring horns for an entire service ($250)


If you purchased all these sets of arrangements individually, it would cost $1450 (plus the cost of recordings and finale files).

But if you purchase ‘A Whole Lot of Horns’ by August 1, 2015, the total cost for all 4 projects PLUS Finale files($50/project) PLUS permission to make copies of the recordings for each person in your band($10/recording X each player) for only $899.00. You’ll save OVER $1,000! (well over!)

If you are thinking of starting a horn section at your church, you will NEVER find a deal specifically suited to help you get going right out of the gate like this special offer. You could feature a horn section every month INCLUDING December.


Can you hear the arrangements? ABSOLUTELY!! Just click on the links below and you’ll be able to hear samples from every project.

Remember this SPECIAL OFFER ends August 1 (2015), so make sure to come back here and place your order to take advantange of this special offer. (You’ll see the ‘Add to Cart’ option below)

Once you place your order, we will ship the PDFs, Finale files and recordings to you in a packet so you can have digital copies of all the arrangements and just print out what you need.


Click on the links below for more information on each project:


Retro Hymns






Retro Worship







 Horns and Rhythm Cover





 Horns & Rhythm - Christmas Neon Cover