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      This has been one of my favorite worship songs since I first heard it. Just to cry out to God, “I’m desperate for you!” is so powerful.

     With acoustic guitar, flugel and accordion (written out for keyboard to play it) at the beginning, this arrangements builds to a key change where the trumpet player soars with that EXACT line. “I’m desperate for you!”

     This is a powerfully moving worship experience that will capture the players and the listeners hearts of worship.

     This arrangement is in the key of C/F

Instrumentation Descriptions:


Acoustic Guitar is really featured in this arrangement. Electric Guitars will add a lot of ‘oomph’ at the key change.

The piano/keys player should play accordion on this arrangement. The entire accordion part is written out so you can play it on any keyboard with a decent accordion patch/sound. If you can find an accordion anywhere, use it! It is a great visual as well as just a really cool sound. We do acoustic/unplugged sets at church and use accordion. It just creates a great contemporary vibe that compliments this song so well. The accordion/keys/piano player won’t have to play the left hand (chords) of the accordion, just the right hand, so it will be very easy to play it. Trust me, find a real accordion and do this!

This beginning is simple and mellow. Brush work (cymbals) would be a nice touch until the second verse when the time really begins. It’s a straight ahead rock ballad and should have some energy at the key change (the high moment of the song). As the song comes back down on the end, brushes would be a nice touche.

This is a really simple tune for bass. There is a nice mellow groove once the second verse kicks in. A written out bass part with chords is provided (‘could’ use synth bass if you don’t have a live one).

Horn Section:
This arrangement begins in a ‘retro’ 70’s ballad sort of feel with the flugelhorn solo. As it builds to the key change, it really becomes a huge, powerful, almost orchestral chorale. It is as if a jazz band is playing an orchestral ballad. There is so much power and emotion with the horn section, but the notes are not high. There’s one little solo line for the lead trumpet (4 measures) where he is soaring above the band (one High ‘D’), but that is it. This will probably be a favorite tune of the lead trumpet player who gets to be featured.

Instrumentation is: 2 trumpets, alto sax, tenor sax, 2 trombones and rhythm section. A written out piano part AND bass part are provided with this arrangement. For copyright reasons, this arrangement can only be shipped (no download/email).

In this series, there is a congregational version for every arrangement included as well (lead vocal line will tell you how to lead the congregation). Use the instrumental feature version as an opener to the service and then use the congregational version during the worship service. That is the great thing about this series of arrangements: An instrumental AND a congregational version of every arrangement for just the price of the instrumental version!

All arrangements are $40 each, which includes the Full Instrumental Feature version AND the Congregational Version.