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     OK…I’ve got to admit it… This was SOOOO MUCH FUN to make this track!

     If you’re looking for a cool worship moment…Nope..not here. This is a high energy, completely fun and enjoyable special that will have the listeners and the players smiling. If you know my Jericho Horns and AK Little Big Band series’, you’ll love this arrangement. This is a New Orleans street beat/parade style blues tune. I promise you, you’ll hear it start, and once you figure out what tune it is, you can’t help but smile and laugh. It is a GREAT way to open the worship service and wake everyone up.

     Check out Charlie Brown’s teacher taking a solo at the beginning (trombone with a plunger mute)

     There is an ad lib 12 bar blues section in the middle of the tune. The ad lib section and the entire trombone part are all written out so if your players are not able to ad lib, they can simply play what is written.

     There is NO WAY the congregation will not smile once they figure out what song this is!!!
For all of the churches that have purchased our Jericho Horns and Little Big Band series, this is for you!

     This arrangement is in the key of G

Instrumentation Descriptions:

The Electric and Acoustic Guitar are more of a ‘comp’ style in this arrangement. The guitars are not a crucial part of this arrangement.

The piano is a key element to this arrangement. The style of piano is a New Orleans ‘street beat,’ very similar to Dr. John. The piano part is written out in case your piano player is not able to simply play off a chord chart.

This is a fun, funky New Orleans groove. Have the drummer listen to the recording and he will know what to do.

Once the bass player gets the feel of this tune, he is going to have a BLAST! A written out bass part with chords is provided (‘could’ use synth bass if you don’t have a live one).

Horn Section:
The horns are absolutely going to love this chart! As soon as they hear it, they will bug you non-stop to play it. It is just going to be so much fun for them. The trombone 1 has the solo throughout the tune and it is completely written out in case your trombonist is not able to ad lib. He will want to practice this one at home to make sure he is ready, but he is going to be loved by all. It almost sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher is takin’ a ride in this fun arrangement. For the recording, I asked Steve Patrick (lead trumpet-Maynard Ferguson) to play a completely tasteless and high trumpet solo, just because he could. He wanted to play a nice, cool jazz solo, but I said “just play something ridiculously high!” He sure did! There’s a Double C in the middle of the trumpet solo. A simplified trumpet solo is written out, but you’ll want to let your trumpet players hear the solo. They will go nuts! Your brass guys will love playing this style and this tune.

Instrumentation is: 2 trumpets, alto sax, tenor sax, 2 trombones and rhythm section. A written out piano part AND bass part are provided with this arrangement. For copyright reasons, this arrangement can only be shipped (no download/email).

There is a congregational version of every arrangement included as well that includes a lead vocal line. Use the instrumental feature version as an opener to the service and then use the congregational version during the worship service.

All arrangements are $40 each, which includes the Full Instrumental Feature version AND the Congregational Version.