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     This is such a powerful song and I wanted to make sure we captured the pure passion of this powerful worship song. It begins intimately and builds to a huge key change with a rockin’ lead guitar solo on the Chorus of ‘God Is So Good.’ After coming out of the guitar solo into a key change to an a capella horn section breakdown that is POWERFUL, there is one more chorus and then it comes back down at the end. This is a MOVING arrangement that will probably be overwhelming to all who are involved when it is played live in a worship service.

     ***If you have access to a local high school drum line, have them enter into the church around measure 49 (the guitar solo) and have them start playing at the key change when the band drops out and it is just the horn section. This addition will give this such an overwhelming power, that words can simply not describe. It will be a moment your church will talk about for years to come. This is HUGE!!! (Drumline parts are written out and included with this arrangement)

     This arrangement is in the key of C/Eb

Instrumentation Descriptions:

The Electric and Acoustic Guitar are a HUGE part of this arrangement. This beginning really features the Acoustic Guitar and there is the huge Electric Guitar solo at the key change playing “God Is So Good.” This has a sort of cross between a rock orchestra and a marching band feel.

The piano player will play a synth pad throughout this tune. If you don’t have a piano player that day, it is ok. The guitars will really drive this arrangement. There are actually two synth pads used on the recording and both of them are written out if you want to use two keyboard players. These are SIMPLE parts to play but sound very cool. This song would be a great opportunity to utilize a younger or less experienced player. Both parts are a lot of quarter and half notes but really help with the ‘vibe’ of the song.

This drummer really creates a solid groove once time begins on the second verse. If it is AT ALL POSSIBLE, add a drum line on the end of the song for a HUGE, HUGE wall of sound!!!

This will be a simple, laid back part for the bass player, but he will help keep this song moving. A written out bass part with chords is provided (‘could’ use synth bass if you don’t have a live one).

Horn Section:
There are not appropriate words to describe how the horns will feel when they get to the a capella break down section and the drum line kicks in. For anyone who has ever played in marching band and remembers that ‘moment’ when the entire band marches forward playing their guts out…THIS IS THAT MOMENT!!!

Instrumentation is: 2 trumpets, alto sax, tenor sax, 2 trombones and rhythm section. A written out piano part AND bass part are provided with this arrangement. For copyright reasons, this arrangement can only be shipped (no download/email).

     There is a congregational version of every arrangement included as well that includes a lead vocal line. Use the instrumental feature version as an opener to the service and then use the congregational version during the worship service.

     All arrangements are $40 each, which includes the Full Instrumental Feature version AND the Congregational Version.