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     It is the Cornerstone of our Faith. It is the one moment when eternity stepped into time and offered us hope.

     This cross was real.

     Christ died on that cross.

     And he was raised from the dead!

     That’s what makes this Cross so wonderful. The Cross offers us what no other religion can: Complete forgiveness of sin.

     I wanted to build this arrangement from a simple contemplative beginning to a point of pure overwhelming emotion. When you get to the second chorus and the whole band is totally rocking, I pray that the wonder of that moment 2,000 years ago truly overwhelms you.

Instrumentation Descriptions:

The Electric Guitar will really enjoy this arrangement. Beginning with a pulsing 8th note pattern, he really builds to be totally rocking! The Acoustic Guitar will be pulsing the 8ths and really build as well. There are some huge power chords in the middle of this song that the guitar players will just have to crank their amps on!!!

     This arrangement is in the key of D

This piano part is really in a ‘Coldplay’ sort of feel. There is a distinctive 8th note pattern throughout that give this arrangement a very cool, rock vibe.

This is really a grooving rock ballad. Have him listen to the recording and he will absolutely know what to do. Tell him to cut loose in the middle of the song when the Electric Guitars start to rocking!

The bass is a HUGE part of this song. He is featured as the melody at the beginning and end and pulses 8ths throughout to really drive this tune. It is not often the bass player gets a solo, so LET HIM SHINE on this tune! A written out bass part with chords is provided (‘could’ use synth bass if you don’t have a live one).

Horn Section:
The horns are used in a unique way in this arrangement. There are some unison swells and some Chicago type horn section licks in this arrangement. These textures are how some of the horn sections are being utilized today in different ways. The horns are powerful in this arrangement, but they never even play the melody. For the completely contemporary churches that want to add a horn section but in more of a ‘background’ sort of setting, this is the arrangement for you. The guys will love playing this tune!

Instrumentation is: 2 trumpets, alto sax, tenor sax, 2 trombones and rhythm section. A written out piano part AND bass part are provided with this arrangement. For copyright reasons, this arrangement can only be shipped (no download/email).

     There is a congregational version of every arrangement included as well that includes a lead vocal line. Use the instrumental feature version as an opener to the service and then use the congregational version during the worship service.

     All arrangements are $40 each, which includes the Full Instrumental Feature version AND the Congregational Version.